Sunday 10 January 2016

November and December Empties #4

Over two months I have collected an awful lot of empty beauty bottles, tubes and pots to share with you lovely lot! It feels like quite an achievement, not wasting expired or ridiculously old products and reducing down my huge stash. You know the empties post drill - coming your way is a mini review of each products and whether I'll be re-purchasing now or in the future.

This was a bit of an impulse purchase awhile back, but I really enjoyed using it (well as much as you can using a hand sanitiser!). The formula isn't at all drying and the ingredient Lavender Oil makes it smell rather lovely.
Re-purchase? I would buy this again in the future.

I love love love L'Occitane's almond scented products - the smell is nutty yet creamy and just divine. The formula of this hand cream is thinner and less creamy than the shea butter one, so more of a summer hand cream for me.
Re-purchase? Yes - when I use up some more of the ones I already have!

This shampoo made my recent Top 15 Beauty Discoveries of 2015, so it'll be a regular on the empties scene. Paris is one of my favourite scents - floral with a musky edge.
Re-purchase? Already have.

I always come back to L'Oreal hairspray as nothing else I've tried (so far!) on the high street is as good. It holds curls brilliantly and the mini bottle is perfect for popping in your handbag.
Re-purchase? Yes.

I'd had this stored away in the bathroom cupboard for awhile and thought it was about time it got used. It's ok - but I need something a bit more hydrating and smoothing.
Re-purchase? No.

Another empty that made my 2015 favourites cut! If you're after medium to full coverage with a radiant finish that's neither too matte nor too dewy then you NEED to try this.
Re-purchase? I've already made a start on my 2nd bottle!

I have used this every single day on my dark circles for months and months now, as it strikes the perfect balance between concealing and brightening.
Re-purchase? I had a backup ready!!

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 250ml - £18.00
I was so sad when this ran out. It's a feeling spendy purchase, but oh so worth it. Beautiful scent, beautiful formula.
Re-purchase? Not right now, but 100% at some point in the future.

Lush The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar - £5.95
Released just for Christmas, I couldn't resist the beautiful, sparkly star shaped bubble bar on a cinnamon stick! Although it didn't smell quite as strongly of cinnamon in the bath as I hoped.
Re-purchase? If it features in Lush's 2016 range I probably would!

Treacle Moon Those Lemonade Days Bath and Shower Gel 500ml* - £2.99
Treacle Moon products are SUCH good value for money! This huge bottle lasted ages. Lemonade Days smells just like lemon sherbet - perfect for dreary mornings.
Re-purchase? I will at some point, would probably try a different scent though.

Kneipp Balancing Lavender Herbal Bath Oil 20ml - £1.99
I only got a couple of uses out of this mini bottle, but it is perfect to use just before bed - such a naturally soothing but not overwhelming scent.
Re-purchase? Yes.

Roques O'Neil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts 100g - £10.00
One of the most calming scents ever comes from these Detox Salts! They have aromatherapeutic properties and they really help you unwind and re-balance.
Re-purchase? Yes.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil 30ml - £19.99
This was the first facial oil I ever tried and I can't see it ever being out of my skincare collection for too long. It nourishes the skin without feeling greasy or heavy and is great at helping to reduce redness and inflammation.
Re-purchase? Of course.

Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml - £18.00
I use this liquid exfoliator daily for the best results and can't see myself going back to a manual one. It keeps dryness at bay and makes my skin clearer and brighter.
Re-purchase? Yes again!

Benefit b.right It's Potent! Eye Cream 14.2g* - £25.50
I don't usually think of Benefit when it comes to skincare, so I was pleasantly surprised by this eye cream. It hydrates and plumps the skin, while adding a touch of brightness.
Re-purchase? I would, but I really want to try the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream...

Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice Eau de Toilette 50ml* - £45.00
Floral with a woody, musky base, this is quite a summery scent. I would have preferred it to be a touch stronger though.
Re-purchase? Maybe. If I did I'd go for the Eau de Parfum though.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau de Parfum 30ml - £35.00
Different from my usual florals, this has an oriental base of woody musk, sandalwood and vanilla, with a floral heart and spicy citrus top notes. It's definitely a very sensual, sexy scent!
Re-purchase? I'd gladly have this in my perfume collection again! I've spotted it on Fragrance Direct for under £20.00, so I'm tempted!

Thank you for staying with me through this mammoth empties post! Are you a fan of any of the above products?

Beauty Bird xx

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  1. I love the Colab dry shampoo :) smells so good and seems to be a lot lighter on the hair and scalp than other dry shampoos :)

    Dannie x

  2. I love a number of products on your L'occitane hand cream, Roques O'Neill bath salts a-ma-zing, Benefit Eye Cream and Carolina Herrerra but do prefer the original 212. But after reading this I need to try the Nars foundation I'm looking for a good coverage but not as heavy as the Estée Lauder one I'm using at the minute, and it sounds like I'm missing out on dry shampoo where do you get that one from? Love the blog Sarah x

    1. The NARS would be a good one to try if you're looking for good coverage, it's buildable and not heavy at all. You can get it from Superdrug or Feel Unique. Thanks Sarah :-) xx

  3. I wish the Maybelline Eraser came in a lighter shade, it's lovely but just a touch too orange for me!

    1. I do think a lighter shade is needed. Now I'm at my palest I have to be careful to blend it in, as it's looking more orange than it did on my skin in the summer! xx

  4. I really love the NARS Sheer Glow foundation - it makes my skin look lovely xx

  5. I love Glow Tonic and NARS Sheer Glow! Wasn't a fan of the Soap and Glory shampoo either but I love their bath/body and makeup!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I need to try more S&G makeup! I definitely want to try Supercat at some point xx

  6. I love empties posts! Love Sheer Glow, Pixi Glow Tonic & L'Occitane Almond Oil too! xx


  7. Empties heaven!! I really enjoy reading empties posts! They are extra useful cause you get a whole idea of a product, thanks for sharing!

    1. I love reading empties posts too! One of my favourites xx

  8. I currently have a little mini bottle of the Antipodes Divine facial oil that I got in a little 'try me' set and I'm really enjoying using it x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. That's good to hear that it's working for you :-) xx

  9. I can't even recall how many of the Maybelline concealer and Nars foundation I've been through haha. Big fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic too :) the L'Occitane shower oil is lovely, but I agree it's spendy so I'd probably only get it again as a gift! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I might put the shower oil on my birthday list - nice thinking :-) xx

  10. So many items you'd re-purchase haha! I want to try that COLAB dry shampoo and I wish I hadn't ran out of the L'Occitane shower oil...

    T xx

    1. I know!!! My poor bank account. I won't buy it all at once though ;-) xx

  11. Takes me forever to finish up oils but satisfy when you do, I like Antipodes and their oils are on my list to try

  12. That's a lot of empties - everything runs out at once doesn't it! Haha!
    Some great products in there and also some I've never tried so thank you for the mini reviews!
    Tori x
    30 Plus and Beautiful

    1. I know haha! Glad you enjoyed the post Tori :-) xx

  13. Love eraser eye, this post made me realize that I only have half of mine left!
    Charlotte //

  14. I don't think I've tried the Paris COLAB - need to give that one a go! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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