Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New Shoes

I often do hauls on this blog but it's rare I do fashion hauls (I think I've posted just one in 3 years!), so I thought I'd share with you some of my recent fashion purchases - and it's all about the shoes.

Tan Leather Plaited T-Bar Sandals - £12.99 - New Look
When it comes to sandals and flip flops I tend to gravitate towards tan shades - it's the sort of colour that goes with almost every other one! These are really simple but I love the plaited strap, they fit well and are not too expensive.

Tan Leather Lace Up Sandals - £19.99 - New Look
Yes another tan pair of sandals! Though quite a different style this time... I'd say these are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go all out gladiator but still wants that kind of vibe (like me). These lace up around the ankle and are sooooooo comfortable. 

These sandals were originally £25.00 but are now reduced to £17.00. I was on the hunt for a black pair to wear with some black and white patterned jogger-style trousers I bought from New Look, as tan just didn't look right. So many black sandals have lots of gold or diamant√© detailing, which I really don't like, but these are nice and simple. They do have a very subtle snake effect on the straps though, which makes them a bit more interesting and a sandal that can take you through the day to the evening.

Leopard Print Pumps - £4.00 - Primark
I don't wear that much leopard print when it comes to clothes but for shoes it's one of my favourite patterns. I love how it instantly adds a bit of oomph to a simple t-shirt/jumper and jeans combo. Add a statement necklace and I feel like I've instantly upped my style game. Ok this pair of pumps won't last me that long, but for £4.00 I don't really care!

Navy Blue Daps - £3.00 - Primark
Functional and practical, every year I buy a pair of shoes like this from Primark for things like walking the dog or going out on my husband's boat; occasions where they might get wet, muddy or scuffed but it doesn't really matter because they're so cheap! Primark has so much choice when it comes to this kind of style too.

Lastly is my absolute bargain of a purchase ready for AW15. I spotted these on a blog ages ago but never purchased them, instead checking back to the website every now and then, hoping they'd go on sale. And they did. From £75.00 to £45.00. It was a no brainer and I ordered them without hesitation. Thankfully they fit perfectly and although I don't normally go for boots with a heel, they're sturdy and easy to walk in. It's love. These are also in the sale in other colours and in leather.

Have you made any new shoe purchases recently? 

Beauty Bird xx

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  1. Those leopard pumps were an absolute bargain!! I have serious shoe issues, I need to cut back...

    Tara x

  2. Love all of these and just bookmarked your blog!! x


  3. I honestly love every single pair, especially the mink books - bargain! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Aw thank you! I'm pretty chuffed with this haul, especially as I don't buy shoes all that often xx


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