Monday 8 December 2014

Tag: The Things That Make Christmas

Thank you so much Becky from Lil Blog of Beauty for tagging me to do The Things That Make Christmas Tag. The rules of the tag are simple - to share the 5 things that make Christmas for you. Spending time with family and friends is of course a given, so without further ado, here's what else made the shortlist... 

1. The Scents
I am a huge believer that scents make a real difference to your mood and wellbeing. As soon as I get any hint of cinnamon, ginger, apple, pine, berry or any other scent associated with Christmas, I instantly start to feel festive. A friend bought me some new wax tarts the other day to see me through the Christmas period; Christmas Eve, Sweet Apple and Apple Spice Pot Pourri. They smell amazing!

2. The Decorations
Nothing cements Christmas like putting the tree up and getting creative with the decorations. Me and my other half put on Christmas songs and it's just one of those warming, happy times! Also driving home from work in the dark is so much more enjoyable when you get to pass the pretty lights on the houses and twinkling Christnas trees in the windows. 

3. The Christmas Markets
A group of us plan a Christmas market trip for the day every year.; this year we're going to the one in Bath. It's not as big as the one in Birmingham but it's a great market, plus Bath is beautiful to walk around. I just love browsing the little, wooden huts with a cup of mulled wine and a hot pork or sausage roll. 

4. The Food and Drink
I can't wait until my other half's Mum makes her homemade mince pies; Christmas wouldn't be the same without them! Plus please give me all the gingerbread in the world, along with the Starbucks Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate; I'm in love with the stuff. Combining the two, I made a gingerbread hot chocolate this weekend too after finding this recipe by Leah Talks. I highly recommend giving it a try - it's really easy to do and had the perfect kick of warming, spicy gingerbread. I'm also thinking about having a go at making mulled wine this year.

5. The Fashion
At the end of November I was dying to put on my "Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal" jumper!  (Got to love Home Alone 2!) The shops have had their Christmas jumpers out for sale for what already seems like ages. I also love that it's much more acceptable to bring out the glitter and sparkle - glittery nails, sparkly dresses and dazzling eyeshadows. 

What makes Christmas for you? If you decide to do this tag after reading my post, please leave the link in the comments below!

Beauty Bird xx

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  1. Thanks for doing it Sasha. I love hearing about the little things that make Christmas really special for other people x

    1. Me too! I love tags like this! Thanks for tagging me xx

  2. What makes christmas for me? it would have to be the coke advert haha

    1. Christmas wouldn't be the same without the Coke advert would it! :-) xx

  3. I love the Birmingham Christmas market, I'm visiting it twice this year! Considered Bath too so will perhaps save that for next year :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I will have to do Birmingham next year for sure :-) xx


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