Friday 12 December 2014

A Christmas Beauty Bargain: Ciaté Tree Trinket Set

When I wrote the post My Favourite Christmas Beauty Baubles of 2014, I included one of the individual Ciaté Tree Trinkets. When searching for a link for the product I came across the Ciaté Tree Trinket Set on the TkMaxx website. This was released last year for £30.00, containing six baubles with 5ml Ciaté nail polishes inside in six different shades. On the TkMaxx website it was listed for just £16.99 and it was one of those situations where I left the website, then couldn't stop thinking about what a bargain it was. Inevitably I went back online later on and the offer of free delivery sealed the deal. 

The six baubles are made of plastic, decorated with little snowflakes and Ciaté's trademark black bow. The box also includes ties and tags so they can be given as gifts and hung on the Christmas tree. The shades included are all glitters and are;

GlitterBall - Glittering purple

All Aglow - Vintage gold with tiny flecks of red

Naughty or Nice - Deep midnight blue with flecks of purple and green

Blizzard - Frosty platinum silver

Candy Cane - Cerise pink 

Yule Rules - Twinkling turquoise

I haven't swatched these because I intend to give most of them as presents - and what cute and unique presents they are! Unfortunately when writing this post I found that the Ciaté Tree Trinket Set had disappeared from the TkMaxx website, but hopefully if you want to get your hands on one they will still be in the stores. Although they do have the Mini Manicure Advent Calendars at 60% off RRP here! If you heart is set on the Tree Trinkets they can still all be bought separately in their own little boxes for £8.00 each from Boots, ASOS and also from Ciaté direct, who are currently offering 2 for £12.00 here

What do you think of the Ciaté Tree Trinkets? Have you picked up any Christmas beauty bargains recently?

Beauty Bird xx

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  1. I'm hoping for some Jo Malne perfume :) I follow unde Sophie Stafford

  2. bloglovin: fullafizzy
    i would love some bold lipsticks :-)
    tweeted -

  3. I had a little wander around TK Maxx end of last week and the Cheltenham one had the advent calender and trinket sets but I'm not sure if it was last years or this years. I think they were around £15.

    I follow under 'The Little Blog of Beauty' and I'd love to see a new laptop or camera under my tree this year (as they're both at the end of their life) but that's unrealistic so some new GHD's would be nice (as my straighteners went bang and I now have some cheaper ones) x

  4. I'm hoping to find a new pair of GHD's under my tree this year as my old GHD's are on their last legs. Hehe.
    I follow as Ellis Cochrane. :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  5. Oh wow what an absolute bargain! They're such pretty gift ideas xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Bloglovin - Ash.
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    I would love the new katy perry perfume to be under my tree, it smells amazing (: xx

  7. Wow, you got those baubles for such a bargain! From the looks of it they are all such lovely shades as well. They are definitely going to make such lovely pressies!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  8. These polishes are so pretty! :) I follow you under stylesunrise :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  9. Bloglovin' name: Liz R

    I'm hoping to find a new pair of boots under my tree this year! Thanks for the giveaway :).

  10. Bloglovin name- lauraeve89
    I'm hoping to find lots of beauty treats! And chocolate!


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