Sunday 23 November 2014

Christmas Treats from The Body Shop

Every year The Body Shop releases a trio of festive scents in a range of products, just in time for Christmas. I think this year the scents are absolute winners as there's something for everyone; the rich and creamy Vanilla Brûlée, the light and sweet Glazed Apple and the fruity and festive Frosted Cranberry. My favourite has to be Glazed Apple - it's not a scent you come across very often, but I find that I want to smell of it all the time! In each scent The Body Shop have multi-product gift sets plus lots of individual products, including shower gel, body butter, lip balm, hand cream, eau de toilette and bath jelly to name a few! There's some very cute limited edition accessories and makeup released just for Christmas too. I have been getting myself in the Christmas spirit and been using a selection of these products to give you the lowdown!

Bob The Polar Bear Bath Sponge - £4.00
How cute is this?! There's also a Perry The Penguin Bath Sponge too. I don't tend to use bath sponges or lilies much, but this does really help improve the lather of shower gel. Plus having Bob hanging up in your shower is one way of adding some festive decoration to your bathroom!

Glazed Apple Bath Jelly 250ml - £10.00
I love bath products, but I've never tried a bath jelly before. This tub comes with a little wooden scoop to dispense the jelly out of the tub and under running water. The scoop is actually really handy because the formula is so thick and solid. I tend to put a good six or so scoops into the bath and this creates a nice layer of foamy bubbles. The scent is also just right; it's not overwhelming but it's strong enough to keep you comforted and relaxed. I wish it lingered on my skin afterwards though!

Vanilla Brûlée Body Butter 200ml - £13.00
You can't go wrong with a body butter from The Body Shop. The formula of this is thick but creamy, absorbing easily into the skin. Along with the rich scent, this makes using the body butter feel like a really indulgent treat. With the main ingredients being Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Glycerin, my skin is left soft and hydrated.

Glazed Apple Hand Cream 30ml - £3.50
When I've applied the Glazed Apple Hand Cream I can't stop smelling my hands afterwards! The formula of this is lighter and thinner though than I thought it would be - it's more like a creamy gel. I don't think this hand cream will be intensive enough for me when the temperature really drops, because I get very dry hands, but for now it's doing a great job. It absorbs and dries quickly too and doesn't leave any greasy or oily residue.

Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm 20ml - £4.00
I think you get very good value for money with this tin of balm - it's huge! As the colour of the balm is red in the tin, I assumed this would have a red tint to it on the lips, however it just gives a subtle, clear sheen. Although I think it would have been nice for this to have some colour, I can understand that just being a clear balm will make it appeal to a wider range of people. I adore the fruity scent and the main ingredient, Grape Seed Oil, equals soft and moisturised lips. Like the hand cream though I don't think this will be intensive enough in the bitter cold.

Lip and Cheek Doll - £10.00
Although the limited edition packaging isn't particularly festive, I do think it completely transforms this lip and cheek stain, which normally comes in a plain, rectangular tube. It's superbly cute and quirky and would look great sat on a dressing table. The stain is a sheer, rosy red, which unfortunately didn't work on my super pale cheeks, however it didn't budge all day! The consistency is quite thin and it dries super quickly, so it can be a bit difficult to work with. On my lips this meant I found it hard to get an even wash of colour. Unfortunately this product just isn't for me, but I'm sure for someone else it would be a delight to use. 

To view the full Christmas range click here

Have you tried any of the new Christmas products from The Body Shop? Which of the three limited edition scents is your favourite?

Beauty Bird xx

P.S. This post contains PR samples. This does not affect my opinion of the products.

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  1. I'm obsessed with anything Glazed Apple at the moment!

  2. Eeep! I want that glazed apple hand cream :D I still love my gingerbread man sponge from last year. ;)

    Tara x

    1. You should treat yourself, it's not expensive either :-) Such a fab scent! xx

  3. The polar bear is called Bob? What a strange name for him! He's so cute though and I'm thinking of getting him with one of my vouchers from Glamour (Oh I finally heard back from them and they sent me the missing ones!). I just love TBS at the moment, they have so many amazing products x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Not sure why Bob, but it's quite sweet I think. So glad you heard back from Glamour and that you were sent the missing cards! :-) xx

  4. The polar bear looks so cute! Always wanted to try the bath jelly but haven't got round to it yet! Sounds really good, love the Christmas range :) x

    1. He is very much so, the penguin is too! I do really like the bath jelly, would definitely recommend it xx


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