Thursday 23 October 2014

Writing a Product Review: My Tips

Tea and biscuits optional!

When I write an individual product review for this blog, I have a little tick list in my mind of things to mention in the review and generally follow this for any beauty product. I personally prefer quite detailed reviews; I'm not talking an essay, but a good few paragraphs as opposed to three or four lines briefly describing why the product is good or bad. I love to read an overview of the product and the writer's experience of using it. After all, a lot of the time I'm reading a review because I don't know much, if anything, about what's being featured or because I'm trying to make a well informed decision on whether to purchase it or not.

This is the format I tend to follow for individual product reviews;

I keep this quite brief, but I like to write a few introductory lines to ease the reader into the review - for example, how I came across the product or who/what influenced me to buy it.

Brand and Product Information
After the introduction, I will write some facts that are appropriate to the product type and a sentence about what the brand claims it will do. If the brand is fairly unknown then I will include some facts about the brand too. Here are the key points I aim to cover;
  • The size of the bottle/pot
  • The price
  • The packaging
  • Key ingredients
  • The formula e.g. a cream cleanser or a powder blusher
  • Brand claims e.g. "designed to reduce the appearance of pores and re-balance oily skin"
  • If the product comes with anything e.g. brush and mirror with an eyeshadow palette
  • Any other appropriate facts e.g. 98% natural, non-comedogenic, contains SPF15

My Thoughts
This is obviously the key section of the review and I try to cover as many aspects as possible to thoroughly share my experience of using the product. 

  • How I apply/use the product and ease of application
  • The pigmentation and how well the shade suits my skin
  • The formula e.g. is the lipstick dry or creamy, is the eyeshadow overly powdery or smooth and buttery
  • The finish e.g. matte, glossy, shimmery
  • If there is any scent and what that scent is
  • The average wear time on my skin
  • How I apply/use the product
  • The consistency and feel of the formula e.g. it feels silky, it feels heavy
  • If there is any scent and what that scent is
  • How it affects my skin - this will vary massively depending on the type of product but could include if it's drying or hydrating, if it's soothing or irritating, if it improves blemishes/redness/fine lines/dullness/pores as promised, if it removes makeup effectively.

This summarises my thoughts from above in a couple of sentences. I try to be as balanced as possible - if the product wasn't for me then I will say so, but I will then recommend who I think it could be suitable for.

I also like to include an external link to a website, which makes it easy for the reader to read more about the product if they wish and even make a purchase if they feel inspired to do so!

I may not always write a review exactly like this or in this order; sometimes I will put the external link at the beginning of the post and sometimes at the end of the post for example. However I feel like following this format as a guideline really helps to me to write a helpful, informative review - hopefully if you read my reviews you will agree! Please note that this does not mean I think this is the best way to format a review or that I do not like other formats, I just find this works for me. 

I would love to know your tips for writing a product review?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Amazing post!! I always need something like this when I'm reviewing. I know I always forget things so this is very good! Thank you :-)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found this post helpful xx

  2. Great tips! This might be helpful in case I get to review some beauty products. Thanks for sharing them. :)

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  3. Some really useful tips, sometimes it's tricky to put your ideas together in a coherent way. This is would be a good rough guide! xxx

  4. Great blog post and tips! I also try and write detailed review posts so I can give a true and honest opinion

    1. Thanks Laura! Writing a more detailed post always takes more time, but it's always worth it xx

  5. I always enjoy your reviews, it's interesting to read a proper breakdown of how you write them!

    Tara xo

    1. Thanks Tara! It is nice to get it written out, this has always just been in my head!! xx

  6. Great tips, I sometimes struggle to think what to write about so I'll refer back to this :) x

  7. I think this is a really useful post and some of the steps you included I often forget so this is actually a pretty great template to refer to! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  8. I love this little guide! <3 I always try my best to look at ingredients in skincare and see what they do and how they work :)

    Dannie x

    1. Thank you lovely! I like it when you list the ingredients on your posts and explain what these are :-) xx


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