Friday 5 September 2014

August Empties #2

So hands up who else started hearing the word "Christmas" a lot in August?! Summer isn't over yet but already there's talk of the number of days/weeks until Christmas and my sister text me the other day asking for what I wanted as a present this year! Me, I'm still clinging to the hope that the sunshine will be back before Autumn sets in - Christmas couldn't be further from my mind. Anyway, the purpose of this post isn't to talk about the dreaded C word, but my beauty empties from August. Here's what I used up this month...

HealGel Eye 15ml* - £32.00
I used this eye gel mainly in the mornings as it contains light diffusers, which helped to make me look more awake. However I don't think it really made a long term difference to my under eye area. Full review here.
Re-purchase? No. Currently trying to decide what eye cream to buy next, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Soap and Glory Flake Away 50ml - £2.50
I did enjoy using this scrub, which contains sea salt and sugar to exfoliate. The grains weren't too sparse, so I felt like it was doing its job. This scrub is scented with the original "Pink" S&G fragrance, which I used to love, but I'm a little bored of it now!
Re-purchase? No, instead I've bought a full size Sugar Crush to try.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
This seems to have some product left in it, but something happened to the seal between the lid and the tube, so it started leaking over everything and what was left felt quite dry. So it was time to let go! It's a great, all round, budget concealer, but I hadn't found myself reaching for it as much as I used to. Full (old) review here.
Re-purchase? I haven't yet, but I'm sure I will.

Cosmetics à La Carte Divine Lash Black Mascara* - £23.00
This mascara came into my life via a Love Me Beauty Box and I never fully reviewed it as I just couldn't make up my mind about it. It was strange, but it didn't apply the same; one day it made my lashes look beautifully long and defined, then the next day it would clump them all together.
Re-purchase? No.

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel 15ml - £2.25
I've mentioned this a few times on blog posts because I just love it. It contains AHAs and jojoba beads for a really intense exfoliation, making my skin look brighter and clearer. The full size is a whopping £40.00, so I think I'll buy the sample size again because it actually lasted for quite awhile.
Re-purchase? 100% yes.

What empties have you used up this month? Are you a fan of any of the products above?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. I recently re-purchased HealGel Eye, I actually love it! I have a new Vichy one to try but I'm not sure how it will compare. <3

    Tara x

    1. I do like HealGel Eye, I think if I didn't very bad circles I would like it more. Mine are so bad I need something more intense :-( xx

  2. I really enjoy the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus eye cream as it's really hydrating for the eye area but not too thick in texture.

    Cindy |

  3. The Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream or the balance Me eye cream are great, lightweight but refresh the eyes really well :)

    Danniella x


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