Sunday 6 July 2014

Review: chill* Ed Lush Blonde Oil/Serum

I have thick, recently coloured hair, which I wash and blow dry every other day and so it can get quite frizzy and fly-a-away. As a result I like to use an oil or serum in my hair, normally as a finishing product, to tame it and also inject some moisture. At the moment I'm using the chill* Ed Lush Blonde Oil/Serum, which I really want to share with you as it's such a unique product and nothing like I've tried before. chill* (the star is technically a snowflake - clever!) is a brand offering a range of haircare products for "girls and boys who dare to be different". As well as styling, finishing and cleansing products, they also have a range of at home coloured dyes.

The chill* Ed Lush Blonde Oil/Serum is designed to "transform dull, lifeless hair to silky-smooth locks that radiate lusciousness, iridescence and shine". It can be used on damp hair, where it is also meant to help de-tangle any knots, or on dry hair. As you will notice from the photo, the formula is a strong purple colour; this is because it contains violet pigments to help eliminate any brassy tones from blonde hair. There is also a non-coloured version of this oil/serum, which can be used on any hair type or colour. A 75ml bottle of this retails at £14.99, although you can get it online from a few different websites for just £9.99.

When using this I can completely understand why it is called an oil/serum - the formula isn't just one or the other; it's a hybrid of the two. I prefer to use this on dry hair after washing; I'm always in a rush so I tend to dry my hair mostly upside down (thankfully it's naturally very straight), which means it can look a bit wild afterwards. I apply just one small pump of the chill* Ed Lush Blonde Oil/Serum onto my hands, which is enough for my barnet (a little really goes a long way) and I'm left with instantly smooth, tamed hair, which still looks voluminous but just a bit more put together! You cannot feel it in the hair either, so no horrible tackiness or residue to deal with. I've also tried applying it to damp hair and it works just as well - I don't need to apply it afterwards again, which is pretty fab. The reason I don't apply it damp straight off is that it just doesn't de-tangle as it claims to; I have to use my Aussie Leave In Conditioner instead and I don't like the idea of putting lots of different products in my hair one after the other. In terms of brassiness, I haven't experienced any yet so it must be helping in this respect, although I do use a purple shampoo too.

In summary, the chill* Ed Lush Blonde Oil/Serum is a great product and is my favourite out of the hair oils and serums I've tried to date. I wouldn't recommend it for de-tangling, but if you're after an effective finishing product to suit your blonde hair (whether coloured or natural) then I'd highly recommend. You can check out the chill* website here.

Have you tried any products by chill*? What's your favourite hair oil or serum?

Beauty Bird xx

P.S. This post contains a PR sample. This does not effect my opinion of the product.



  1. The oil/serum formula sounds interesting Sasha! I'd be interested to try the non-blonde version. I have so many hair products to use up though! You are so lucky to be able to dry your hair upside down - I look like a scarecrow if I try it! xx

    1. Haha I'm not sure how I don't look like one, though this serum definitely helps!! It's definitely a unique formula xx

  2. This sounds really lovely, although I do prefer to use a serum/oil which can help detangle my hair as it's such a knotty mess most of the time :D xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It's a shame it doesn't, as I get quite knotty hair too, otherwise it's great xx


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