Tuesday 20 May 2014

Review: Collection Work The Colour Eye Palette in Nude

When you're a lover of neutral eyeshadows and you spot a palette for £3.99, it's just envitable it's going to end up in your basket! I picked up the Collection Work The Colour Eye Palette in Nude but it is also available in Smokey, Purple and Blue.

For £3.99 Collection have created a palette consisting of eight shimmery powder eyeshadows and one cream highlighter across three rows. The idea is that each row creates a different eyeshadow look in 3 steps - with a light, medium and dark shade, plus the highlighter for the brow bone/inner corner. The lightest shade is meant to go all over the eyelid, the medium shade is to add definition to the centre of the eyelid and the darkest shade from the centre to the outer corner. Also in the Work the Colour Collection Palette is a mini double ended eyeshadow brush, which I doubt I'll ever use, as I always reach for my Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes. The palette itself is in shiny cardboard packaging, so not sure how well this would fare for travelling as it isn't the most sturdy.

The eyeshadows themselves have a really nice, smooth texture and there is barely any fall out, which is really impressive. However what isn't as impressive is the pigmentation, which is more noticeable with the darker shades (you have to apply a LOT of eyeshadow). I'm not too fond of the highlighter either, mainly for the same reason and because the formula isn't as creamy as I'd like. It's a shame because when on top of a eyeshadow primer, the colour nearly lasts to the end of the working day. I primarily use row 2, which are my favourite shades and the ones I have used in the picture below.

I do feel like I shouldn't moan because, after all, I spent less than £4.00 on the Collection Work The Colour Eye Palette, but I don't think I'll be reaching for it as often as I expected to when I first set my eyes on it.

Have you tried any of the Collection Work The Colour Eye Palettes? What are your thoughts on this product?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. I wanted this to be brilliant for the price!

  2. They are great everyday colours aren't they -shame about the pigment! xx

    1. Definitely, lovely colours - just need a lot of the powder to get good pigment xx

  3. I swatched this the other day and was thinking about picking it up, but wasn't sure. Sounds good for the price, but I know I'll end up using the Naked palette every time over this x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Same - I'll reach for my Naked Basics first or one of my MUA palettes xx


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