Thursday 17 April 2014

Very Easy Nail Art - The Dotty Accent Nail

I love nail art, but to be honest I'm not the best at it and I don't tend to have the patience to spend ages practicing. So whenever I fancy doing something a little more than block colour or a glitter top coat, I revert to the dots. I think dots really do equal easy but effective nail art and you don't even need any special nail art tools or pens either.

In this case I used Maybelline Color Show in Lavender Lies as the main colour, then decided to make the accent nail pop from the purple using Barry M Matt White. For the dots I poured a little of the Maybelline nail varnish onto some kitchen roll and then dipped the end of a kirby (hair) grip into the varnish to then dot directly onto the nail. Just doing this on the accent nail means it takes no time at all. However if it hadn't been late at night when I did this, I may have done some white dots on the purple nails too. There are so many colour combinations that could be done for this, so it's nail art that doesn't get old either.

Are you a fan of dotty nails? What easy nail art do you love?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. This is gorgeous, the colour combination is lovely! I wish I could do nail art like this, I have such an unsteady hand that it just ends up being messy every time I try

    Ellie xx |

    1. Thanks Ellie! With this it doesn't matter if the dots aren't perfect, it still works :-) xx

  2. so cute, love this design! xx

  3. So pretty, love the colour combination ;)
    xxx Claire

  4. Oooh, it sounds so simple but looks so good! Such a yummy shade of purple.

    Tara x

    1. Simple + looks good = the perfect combo :-) It's such a nice shade isn't it! xx

  5. You did a wonderful job. The polka dots on the ring finger is a genius idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  6. This looks so pretty, I have do polka dot nails for awhile so I think I may try it next time I paint my nails x


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