Tuesday 1 April 2014

March Empties #2

How crazy that we're now a quarter of the way through 2014! I really hope that you are all having a good year so far. March was a stressful and busy month for me as I've was preparing to leave the company I've worked for for nearly seven years. I won't go into it in much detail, but there was lots to do, including writing up a manual of everything my role encompasses and how it's done. However it is at the same time exciting that I'm moving forward and a new chapter in my working life is going to begin. 

Beauty wise, I haven't really collected that many empties this month, but I will as always share with you what they are, what I think of them and whether I would re-purchase.

Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex (28 Capsules)* - £15.00
This pack of 28 capsules came in a recent Love Me Beauty Box, containing Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Marine Collagen and MSM for healthy skin, hair and nails. You take two a day with or after a meal. I'm a big fan of supplements so I used these straight away.
Re-purchase? The pack only lasted two weeks so it's hard to make a judgement on the difference they made. I really can't afford to spend £15.00 every fortnight, so although I would like to keep taking them, it has to be a no.

L'Occitane Hand Cream in Subtle Violet 30ml - FREE (magazine freebie worth £8.00)
L'Occitane hand cream is hands down my favourite ever hand cream and I've been through a few tubes now. I just love the rich, thick formula; it isn't greasy at all and it's just so nourishing and hydrating. The Subtle Violet scent was limited edition and smelt like parma violets. 
Re-purchase? This scent is no longer available, but I will always have a L'Occitane hand cream in my life (I have two in my current stash).

S5 Purity Serum 10ml - £9.00
This is my second 10ml bottle and it went far too quickly! I've been using it at night before either an oil or moisturiser to help calm and reduce my breakouts. It definitely helps clear those pesky spots quicker without using any harsh ingredients.
Re-purchase? Not at the moment. I need the full size but I can't spend £44.00 on one product right now, so I've bought the balance Me Congested Skin Serum instead.

Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser 50ml* - £10.50
You might have caught my recent review of this (if not click here) and that me and my skin absolutely love it. It's a light, refreshing cleanser with a creamy formula and milky consistency, that leaves my skin soft and bright. Plus it removes eye makeup too!
Re-purchase? Yes

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara - £7.99
This is a great budget mascara if you're looking for decent volume and curl without clumping. The negative for me is the smudge of black that transferred down under my eyes every time I used it. Full review here.
Re-purchase? For the above reason, no. The hunt for the perfect mascara is still on...

What products have you used up this month? Are any of the above in your current beauty stash?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. It is so crazy that we're now a quarter through 2014 - madness! I will always have a L'Occitane hand cream around too Sasha - have a couple of minis that my mum gave me to use at the moment! Shame about the Maybelline mascara - I think I've found my perfect mascara (or at least one of them!) and it's been one I've used on and off for years now but not reviewed yet -will do soon! xx

    1. I'm intrigued as to what your perfect mascara is! Look forward to your review xx

  2. Ah I hate when mascaras leave a smudge under your eyes, drives me mad:)

  3. It's a pity about the Maybelline rocket volume.. But I do love reading honest reviews, I'm constantly tempted with new mascaras and I hate buying one that turns out being rubbish and then I'm stuck with it for 3 months! It seems a bit ridiculous that the Beautify Me supplements only last for 2 weeks, £15 every fortnight is so expensive for something that you can't even see the results of after using it!

    Ellie xx | http://theleobeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know, I'm not sure what mascara to try next now. Let me know if you have any recommendations!
      I agree, I just can't afford to spend £30.00 a month on supplements xx

  4. My sample bottle of that S5 Purity Serum is nearly gone too, going to have to save up the pennies to buy the full size! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. It's such a good product isn't it, just expensive! Definitely one to save for xx


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