Saturday 1 February 2014

Review: Conscious Skincare Soothing Hand Cream for Hardworking Hands

I have mentioned Conscious Skincare before on this blog when I reviewed their Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter (here)If you haven't heard of Conscious Skincare before, they are an eco-friendy Welsh brand who produce face and body products made up of plant based, organic and fair trade ingredients where possible, that come in recyclable packaging. 

Conscious Skincare's Soothing Hand Cream is described as an "ultra-soothing organic hand cream, which has been carefully created to help replenish and restore hard working hands". It contains lots of lovely natural and super hydrating ingredients such as organic Avocado Oil, organic Geranium, fair trade Shea Butter and Beeswax. It is recommended as suitable for all skin types. A 50ml tin costs £14.99.

The formula of the Soothing Hand Cream is just like the body butter - a whipped mousse, which is light and creamy. Upon contact with your skin the mousse melts into an oil, which you can see beginning to happen in the very last picture. The key with this formula is less is definitely more! Apply a normal sized blob as you would with any other hand cream and it's too much. It makes your skin greasy and it takes ages to absorb. However apply just the right (tiniest) amount and you're left with seriously smooth and moisturised hands. It is certainly an intensive hand cream, which means the pot will last for absolutely ages. The scent is very natural, leaning more towards the scent of Avocado Oil than anything else.

The Verdict
The Conscious Skincare Soothing Hand Cream for Hardworking Hands is the one to use if your hands are regularly exposed to the elements (e.g. you work outside) or just suffer with extremely dry hands in general. It is probably the most intensive hand cream I've tried and works amazingly well, plus I give it big brownie points for being completely natural. It hasn't taken over as my favourite hand cream though - can anything beat L'Occitane?!

To view the Conscious Skincare website, click here.

Have you tried any products from Conscious Skincare? What's your favourite hand cream?

Beauty Bird xx

P.S. This post contains a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.



  1. I love this product the Orange and Frangipani bath foam is next on my list to try it sounds delicious! Xx

    1. I have the bath soak in that scent and it's gorgeous! xx


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