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5 Mini Reviews: Elemental Herbology, Macadamia, Ginvera, Apvita and S5

I have a ridiculous number of samples and travel size beauty products, which I am finally beginning to work my way through. I have accumulated these from blogger meetup goody bags, beauty boxes, magazines and websites that throw in free samples with full size orders. I love the opportunity to try-before-I-buy in this way, especially when it comes to high end products, as it can be such a risk to spend your well earned pennies on something that doesn't live up to the hype/your expectation. So today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on 5 samples I'm currently using; basically mini reviews and whether they've convinced me to buy the full size version. (Full credit to Evelyn from We Were Raised by Werewolves for inspiring this post.)

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel (bought from Naturismo.co.uk)
This radiance peel contains Jojoba Beads to exfoliate as you massage it in, then is designed to be left on the skin for 4 minutes. Other ingredients include Manuka Honey, Orange Peel, Green Tea, Pomegranate Oil and Apple Serum. The Radiance Peel has a gorgeous citrus scent and after use, my skin looks glowing and just like the mask has revealed a new, fresh layer of skin.
Verdict: I'd love to make this product a permanent part of my skincare routine. However I do have some samples of the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask to use up first, so you never know I may change my mind yet!

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (received in the July London Meetup blogger goody bag)
Macadamia describe this as "a revitalising hair reconstructor", containing ingredients like Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil and Chamomile Oil to deeply nourish and condition dry, damaged hair. The formula is really thick and creamy so you only need a little, plus it smells gorgeous. I can't work out the scent, but it reminds me of how my hair smells after it's been to the salon! This stuff must be magic, because I don't think my hair has ever looked and felt so hydrated, healthy and silky.
Verdict: There's no question about it, I'm going to be buying the bigger size of this because my locks love it.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream (received in the July London Meetup blogger goody bag)
I've read so many good reviews on the Ginvera BB Cream and for me it didn't disappoint. It only comes in one shade, but it blends really well on my super pale skin and unexpectedly provides really good, natural looking coverage. I love the fact it contains SPF 30 and ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, Green Tea Extract to nourish and Ginseng to revitalise. 
Verdict: I love this product and think it would be perfect to use in the summer instead of my normal heavy foundation, so I will buy the full size version next year. Although on those really bad skin days I would definitely stick with foundation.

Apvita Express Beauty Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Apricot (received in the July London Meetup blogger goody bag)
This exfoliating gel contains Apricot Seeds to remove dead skin cells, Honey to improve the skin's texture and Geranium Essential Oil to rejuvenate. I haven't used a manual exfoliator for months now as I'm using the infamous Pixi Glow Tonic, so it was a bit of an uncomfortable experience using this gel as the apricot seeds are really concentrated and felt a little harsh. However my skin looks amazing after use; it looks brighter and more refined. 
Verdict: A great product with noticeable results but it's not for me, so I won't be buying the full size.

S5 Purity Serum (received in a Love Me Beauty Box)
I love using serums because they target specific skincare concerns. The S5 Purity Serum is a targeted breakout control treatment designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and production of sebum. This definitely delivers on its claims, as any blemishes or smaller spots I have disappear a lot quicker than normal. I don't find this works as well on larger cyst-like spots though. I have also noticed that the S5 Purity Serum makes my t-zone noticeably less oily.
Verdict: This product has become a daily part of my morning skincare routine and is essential for reducing existing spots and blemishes, so I would love to buy it when the sample runs out - though it is an eye-watering £44.00 for 30ml!

What samples are you trying at the moment? Have you used any of the above products?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. I love the ginvera bb cream, at the time I hadn't tried any other bb's so didn't realise how good it was. The S 5 serum is great too. Am building up to purchasing both :)

    1. I've tried a few other BB creams and the Ginvera one is definitely another level. My S5 is getting seriously low, it's expensive but not sure I can live without it!!xx

  2. Glad you like the Ginvera bb cream too!

  3. The Elemental Herbology peel sounds lovely Sasha and I'm going to have to try the Macadamia Hair Masque now (I already own so many hair masques though should really finish them first - she says!) Like you I have so many samples and trial sizes to use it gets a bit silly! xx

    1. I know, I'm trying to work my way through my huge stash and it's happening slowly but surely! The Macadamia mask is just fab Jenny xx

  4. Hello, so no downsides on any products :-)?

    1. I have explained a few negatives of the products for me but genuinely these are all great products - perhaps that's why I subconsciously picked them xx


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