Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD: Birds and Bows

Embroidered Hummingbird T-shirt - New Look - bought in store, not available online
Shorts - Primark - bought in store, not available online
Sunglasses (Style 52) - Accessorize - bought in store, not available online
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins - old
Necklace - Zara Taylor - link

Daisy Nail Art - NOTD link

I know right, another OOTD! Hopefully I'll keep this up and make fashion posts a more regular thing. This is quite a special OOTD for me, as the same evening as taking these photos my boyfriend proposed! I wasn't wearing this outfit when it happened, but I look back at these photos and think how completely oblivious I was to what was going to happen, whereas he was probably full of nerves! The photos are taken by the River Thames near Kelmscott and it was absolutely boiling! We were on my boyfriend's fiance's boat on our way to stay at an old inn for the night and stopped here to have a picnic on the riverbank. It really was the best day and evening ever.

I'm wearing here a pretty cheap but cheerful outfit. The t-shirt was just £12.99 from New Look (I only bought it two or three weeks ago but I can't see it online) and is quite thin and not too fitted, so perfect for hot days. The shorts were an absolute bargain £5.00 from Primark, bought a few months ago. I usually wear slightly longer shorts, but it was so hot I was past caring to be honest! Finally, I just need to express my love for my bow necklace from Zara Taylor; I'm wearing it all the time at the moment. I really recommend checking out the website, the jewellery range is amazing and I have quite a few things on my wishlist!

What are your summer fashion bargains?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Love, love, love your nails! So pretty!!!!


    1. Thank you sweet, you should give them a go :-) xx

  2. You look gorgeous hun and congratulations again on getting engaged! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  3. I love the hummingbird top and the bow necklace - so cute! Congratulations again on getting engaged!

    Claire x

  4. Ah congrats on the engagement we just got engaged too!

  5. Ah Sasha - how romantic and what a lovely setting! Love the outfit - and I do love those nails! If I was you I'd get my legs out as often as you want whilst you're a young 'un! Once you get to my age it becomes more of an ordeal (although even I've gone and got mine out whilst it's been so hot!) xx

    1. Thanks Jenny! Haha I will remember that xx

  6. Congratulations on your engagement! :) absolutely love that bow necklace - it is gorgeous! Your nails look super pretty too...xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :-) xx

  7. love your nails! and CONGRATS on getting engaged ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    dont forget to enter my RiRi Woo Giveaway Here

  8. Congratulations on your engagement!!
    I love your bow necklace, very cute :)

    JJ x


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