Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July 2013 Blogger Meetup in London

Last Saturday came the day I'd been excitedly waiting for months - a blogger meetup in London hosted by Helen from Beautifully Superfluous. By no coincidence, this was also the first day of not being on a spending ban for myself, Poppy from Let's Drive Far Away, Natasha from Shot of Beauty and Rachel from Beauty Queen UK, for two and half months! I don't go to London very often (I'm one of those people that annoyingly stands in the middle of the escalator up/down to the tube because they forget), so as well as looking forward to meeting lots of other bloggers, I was excited to do some shopping.

The first part of the meetup was in Tiger Tiger, not far from Piccadilly tube station. It was a chance for everyone to chat and have a drink, which was really nice. Helen brought an amazing cake and some seriously yummy cake pops for us, but regretfully I didn't take a photo. Unfortunately I didn't manage to speak to everyone but it was great to catch up with some bloggers I'd met before at the Bristol meetup and finally meet some that I've spoken to for awhile on Twitter and/or followed their blogs. It would take ages to mention you all but you know who you are :-)

I got to chat lots with Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3
With the lovely Emma from Meet the Millards
Great to meet Kat from Tales of a Pale Face after following her blog for ages
Clair from Bags, Bows, Boots on the left & Poppy, one of my spending ban buddies, on the right. I met both of these lovely ladies at the Bristol Meetup in February.
A group shot courtesy of Emma

As you can see some of us are rocking some pretty awesome eyelashes in these pictures! Helen had arranged for a representative from Paperself, who create paper-cut eyelashes, to come along to Tiger Tiger and apply their lashes for free! Their eyelashes are amazing, they are so intricate and have a selection of beautiful designs. They even featured in The Hunger Games film. When looking through the designs I came across a pair with a bird design and knew I just had to choose those ones! The Paperself representative was lovely and expertly and quickly applied a third of the eyelashes to my eyes. Apparently this design will be worn in the second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire. 

Some of the Paperself designs
Close up of my lashes courtesy of Clair

Before leaving Tiger Tiger to head off shopping, Helen gave out some seriously generous goody bags with a amazing range of brands and products. The most exciting part of the bags for me was the Rio nail art sets; I love a bit of nail art and I can't wait to start using them. 

Not the best lighting here - sorry! The very white bag on the bottom left contains samples of the Ginvera BB Cream and Marvel Gel

We all split off to go shopping and went to Libertys, MAC Pro, & Other Stories and Boots. Considering I've been on a spending ban, my spending was really rather reserved! I will do a separate post spending ban haul post in the very near future! Poppy and I got the train to London together and we were getting the train back together as well at a set time, so we didn't have time to go to lots of shops, as we wanted to eat too (starving was an understatement!). Grace (from All That Slap - so good to finally meet her), Kat, Natasha, Poppy and I had a really nice meal at The Spaghetti House, before heading back to the train to get a coffee cooler from Costa and then rest our weary feet!

All in all I had an amazing day, so thank you so much to Helen and everyone else involved!

I hope you all had a good weekend?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Brilliant post- thank you so much for coming! I hope I get the chance to see you at another meet up very soon so I can chat to you some more! Your eyelashes looked stunning! xxx

    1. Thank you for a great meetup - can't wait until your next one! Yes would definitely be great to meet again and have a chat :-) loved the eyelashes, such a great idea xx

  2. It was so so lovely to catch up with you again :D Love that photo of us too :D Lucky you for getting the Paperself lashes too! :D


    1. I agree, I think we made up for the lack of chat at the Bristol meetup :-D hope to do it again sooooon! I like the photo too :-D xx

  3. Aw, this sounds like such an awesome event! LOVE those falsies.

    Tara xo

    1. It was a great day! The eyelashes are so unique and eye catching, love them xx

  4. Aw so lovely that you guys did a London meet up! It looks like you all had such a lovely time! Jealous! I hope I end up catching wind of one so I can ask to come next time! x

    1. It was such a fab day! Yes definitely :-) xx


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