Monday 8 July 2013

Guest Post: Beauty in Japan - Products I'll Be Using This Summer

Hello! Let me introduce myself… *smartens self up*

I am Danniella Josephine and I am here today to ramble on about the products I am going to be reaching for this summer! I’m like, totes excited about guest posting on Sasha’s blog today as Sasha was one of the first blogs I followed when I took the first steps into Twitter (and in turn realising there was a helluva lot more blogs out there than I had thought…)

At the time of writing, the weather in England is a bit dire.  It’s wet, it’s windy; it’s downright miserable. *grumbles* *shakes fist at sky* I am however staying optimistic that we haven’t seen the last of the sunshine. Just in case the sun and the rain have got themselves muddled and the rain is here and the sun is in Spain, I will be reaching for the Models Own nail polishes in Hedonist and Sunset Chillout to inject some colour and sparkle into my life.

When it is sunny, there is always one product that I use consistently every day; that is the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream.  Regular readers of my blog will be sick of me harping on about this, so perhaps it’s time for you, as Sasha’s readers, to bear the brunt of my love for this product.  When you have tried this product, you’ll be throwing all your heavy Western BB Creams into the bin! (or perhaps donating them to a family member).  This BB cream IS what a BB Cream should be.  It promises to “provides the benefits of blemish free concealing, sun block effects, whitening, moisturising and reduction of lines, providing a long lasting smooth and ultra light feel to nourish and perfect your skin”.  In a nutshell, this is a product that will make your skin look better with time.  Ready to hop on to the bandwagon?  Take my hand, I’ll help you up.

Summer days = longer days, which means my hair style needs to stay put.  I’ve somehow been “blessed” *rolls eyes* with soft, wispy hair that never seems to have any texture; which makes styling 10x harder than it needs to be! I’ve been using the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to cheat textured, beachy waves without the actual going-outside-and-going-to-a-beach hoo ha.  Why go outside when I can stay INSIDE and read blogs?

Recently, my eagle eyes spotted a cute Benefit set by the name of “Coral my World”.  Those sneaky Boots people placing products near the till, knowing full well us beauty junkies will give into temptation! The Coral my World set contains minis of Benefit Sunbeam and Benefit Coralista; products which may actually be summer in a box.  I like to dab Benefit Sunbeam on my Real Techniques Stippling Blush and stipple and blend on to areas of my face where the sun would naturally hit and then use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to swirl Coralista on the apples of my cheeks.   If you see this set in Boots, get it!

As the typical English summer gives us sweaty summer days, it is also partial to a downpour every now and again.  To stay prepared for any weather condition I use my favourite mascara evaaa; Benefit They’re Real.   This mascara, curls, lengthens, volumises… it does it all!  It’s also a devil to remove but I’m willing to sacrifice a few eyelashes (they died for a good cause) if it means the false lash effect doesn’t budge for hours and hours.

Summer means food festivals and BBQs, and I’m not going to pass up on food because I’m scared my lipstick will smudge! The Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colour is seriously life changing. Simply apply the colour, let it dry and apply the balm on top.  Whizz, bang, pop; you can now re-enact your own version of Man vs Food.  Every now and again, use the lip balm to keep the product from shrinking (not a good look) and to give your lips a bit of TLC.

Last but not least, it’s sunglasses.  With the bright sunshine out, I don’t want crow’s feet at 20!  I picked this pair up free with Cosmpolitan magazine, so no one has an excuse not to protect their eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you didn’t mind the odd ramble here and there!  A big thank you to Sasha for letting me come over and guest post on her blog.  If you liked what you read you’re always welcome to visit the blog or follow me on Twitter.

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Thank you very much to Daniella for this fab post and make sure you check out her blog! Please let us know what products you'll be reaching for this summer?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Those models own polishes are so great!def summer essentials!:)

  2. I really want to try a Models own polish xx


  3. Great post, I love the Benefit mascara. I have never tried Models Own but I've heard great things about them x

  4. The Ginvera BB Cream is amazing - I love the scent of it, it's like perfume for your face :)

    Makeup Pixi3

  5. I really love the Model's Own Hedkandi collection :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. So good to see Beautyinjapan over here, I love this post and her blog! :)

  7. Love the nail varnishes Really pretty shades.

    Pipp xx


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