Sunday 28 April 2013

The Music Tag

Hi lovelies! I haven't actually been tagged by anyone to do this, but I've loved reading this tag so I thought I'd give it a go. I think it's also nice sometimes to step away from my normal beauty posts and do something a little different!



What's your favourite type of music? 
I like a real mix of music and often I'll listen to a certain type depending on my mood. It wasn't always that way! The first ever band I bought a tape for (I know - TAPE - how old!) was The Spice Girls. When I was at school I basically listened just to chart music, especially boybands (Westlife and Blue were my favourites!). Then when I met my boyfriend at college he introduced me to actual bands that play actual instruments and stuff (he plays guitar and drums). Then I started listening to rock and indie music as well.

What's your least favourite type of music? 

I just can't listen to hardcore drum and bass. I need something with LYRICS. If I'm on a night out having a boogie or driving along in the car I NEED to sing along.

What's the best gig you've been to? 
Ooh that's really tough. I think the Foo Fighters edges it, closely followed by Muse. I can't really afford to go to many gigs now though, when I was younger and didn't have a mortgage and all these bills to pay for, my boyfriend and I would go to loads! I do really wish I'd got tickets to The Big Reunion though, gutted about that.

What albums are you listening to at the moment?
My sister bought me Bastille's album for my birthday so I've been listening to that quite a bit. I tend to listen to different songs though rather than complete albums. If I fancy listening to a complete album all the way through my first choice is usually Ellie Goulding "Bright Lights"; I love every single song on that album and it's so relaxing and easy to listen to. At the moment I really want Paramore's new album.

What's your favourite bands/artists/favourite album?
Some of my favourites are Foo Fighters, Muse, Ellie Goulding, Paramore, Coheed and Cambria and Kelly Clarkson. But to be honest there's not a lot I don't like - I also love a bit of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia for example. One that I really don't like? Justin Bieber.

If you could instantly know how to play any instrument, what would it be?
I'd love to be able to play guitar or piano. I'd also like to instantly know how to sing really well please!!


I hope you enjoyed reading this tag! I tag you ALL, so please post your links!

Beauty Bird xx 



  1. So glad that you're not a Justin Bieber fan! I'm jealous that you've seen Foo and Muse live - I'd love to x

  2. I love this tag Sasha - been meaning to do it for a while! I'm a real mood listener now too and was also mainly a chart listener when I was at school! Foo Fighters and Muse must have been fantastic live - no surprise there. I love your comment about Tapes being so old - they were quite the thing when I was growing up - makes me feel ancient! (Going to have to mention your comment in my post when I get round to it - is that ok?) I'm also glad you don't like Justin Bieber - not my cup of tea at all! xx

    1. No I just can't bear him - I turn off the radio/TV if he comes on!! Haha of course you can mention my comment Jenny! Look forward to seeing your tag xx

  3. Thanks for doing my music tag lovely :) I'm jealous that you've seen the Foos, what I would give to see them!!!

    1. I didn't realise it was your tag lovely, I love it! They are so so good, I want to see them again as it was ages ago!xx


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