Sunday 16 December 2012

Guest Post - Molli: S.O.S. Beauty Regime for Troubled Skin

As a young teenager, my skin is vulnerable to spots, dryness and generally misbehaves. One moment it’ll be glowing, and the next it will resemble an ogre-like complexion. To keep on top of this, I had to devise a sort of routine. I use a selection of moisturisers and scrubs for both morning and night time to keep my skin soft and spot free, as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Before I resulted to water, I would often find my skin rough and generally prone to spots, but water is a definite miracle cure for bad skin as far as I’m concerned. 

Aside from this regime, I’m no angel to sticking to crazy fruit-based and salad-orientated diets, and I’m certainly not an exercise freak. But these sorts of methods can help some people, and I admire those who do go to great lengths to keep their skin perfect. But unfortunately, I am not blessed with an effortlessly flawless complexion, so here’s what I use…


I tend to mix up my brands and make-up, and I have to be careful of my sensitive skin sometimes, but this is a mash up of my typical morning routine.

In the morning, I only usually need to use a moisturiser and a cleansing wipe. The moisturiser I use is Aveeno Cream, it has natural ingredients and is great at hydrating my skin. I’m not too sure how much it is, as I have it on prescription due to my eczema, but you can pick up lots of Aveeno products in Superdrug. Sometimes, if there’s been a bit of a previous-day-makeup-smudge in the night, I mop that up with a Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipe (it’s part of their ‘Daily Essentials’ range). I resorted to using these a while ago out of desperation as normal make-up removal wipes hurt my eyes and leave them red and sore. But I have grown to depend on these whimsical wonders, as they are gentle on the skin and leave a matte finish, as opposed to an oily pool. I pick them up for around £1-£2 at Tesco or Superdrug. After removing excess makeup and using the moisturiser, I have a soft base to add foundation on to. 

In the evening, I rely heavily on the God of cleansing that is Garnier. I purchased the Garnier Pure Deep Pore Wash scrub a while ago, and as it is such a big ‘squeeze-y’ bottle, it’s lasted me an age. I originally bought it from Superdrug for about £4. I love the feel of it on my skin, as it produces a tingly sensation as it clears out pores and blackheads. I don’t apply it every night religiously, but most nights I try to whack it on after a shower. It acts as sort of an exfoliator and cleanses the skin and pores really well. Also, it’s not majorly expensive, and it lasts for ages so it’s worth investing in.
I team this with ‘my twins’: Garnier Soothing Cleansing Lotion and Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner. Both are part of the Simply Essentials range and come in many different scents (e.g. rose). However, I choose the no-perfume versions because they are more delicate on the skin. Both team together to remove make up, cleanse the skin and tone it evenly. Together they were around £6 from Superdrug. I do not regret buying these at all, as they do their job effectively and leave my skin feeling amazing!

I also add, just before I settle down to bed, my Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper. This was more a more expensive purchase, at £5 for a little roll-on gel. But it does the job well. It’s no miracle must-have, but after a few applications (or one very generous one), large spots are completely gone. I find if I add a small amount to a red, noticeable spot in the evening, it has died down by the morning. It is worth the money, and keeps large spots at bay.        

During the day, I use Superdrug Shine Control Papers. These were £2 and I wouldn’t survive a day at school without them! I tend to get quite oily skin, and my foundation doesn’t always cover it completely, so a little top up of powder from the papers during the day is great. (Also, they’re brilliant for using after P.E!) 

I’d like to thank Beauty Bird for this fabulous opportunity to do a guest post; I’ve really enjoyed the experience! And I’d love it if all of you readers could check out my blog! I hope one day mine can be as amazingly successful as Beauty Birds’!


Thank you very much to Molli for her brilliant guest post and for her lovely comments! I was really honoured when Molli contacted me about doing this guest post as she's aspiring to be a journalist and was looking for different ways of gaining writing experience. I think you'll agree she's definitely got a flair for writing! She's just started up a blog of her own, which you can view here.

What's your current beauty regime?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Great post, always looking for new things to try out for my acne! I think I may be Molli's first follower! Love your blog

  2. I'm currently only using Soap & Glory products, for everything. I recently discovered the brand and it has made my skin incredible, so I don't think I will be changing anything any time soon :)

    1. I've only used their facial wipes before to remove my makeup, but I did really like them!xx


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