Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Christmas TAG

Thank you very much to A Day in the Life of a Scottish Lass for tagging me to do this and to Makeup-Pixi3 for starting the tag and the Christmassy picture below! I thought doing this tag was a great way to up the Christmas spirit, especially I see to be having a nightmare with deliveries of my online Christmas shopping at the moment!

Q.   What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love having a week off work to chill out and catch up with friends and family. My stomach loves the Christmas dinners (my boyfriend and I's parents are both separated so we have a few to eat!) and mince pies! I also try to go to a Christmas market when I can, hopefully I'll be going to the one in Bath in a few weekends' time. I love the lights, the decorations, the cup of mulled wine as you walk round and the atmosphere :-)

Q.   What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I like adding a bit of glitter to my look, but less is definitely more! I usually buy a glittery liquid eyeliner every winter, I had a subtle grey one last year. I also add some glitter to my nails (although I love glittery nails most of the time!). I wish I was more confident and could take on a bolder lip, maybe I'll give it a try though wouldn't know where to start colour wise!

Q.   Real tree or fake tree?
My boyfriend and I have had real trees for the past few years - I love the look and smell of them (though not finding pine needles all over the house!). This year is out first Christmas with our new addition, our puppy Daisy, so we're thinking it will be easier to go for a fake one this year.

Q.   Giving presents or receiving presents?
Of course it has to be giving! It's an amazing feeling to watch someone's reaction to a present you've bought them and that they love. I'm so grateful for every present I receive, but I definitely don't give just to receive.

Q.   Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Generally throughout the day! In the morning my boyfriend and I will open each other's presents, then it will depend on where we're going the rest of the day. This year we're spending Christmas with my family, so will go down to my Dad's for lunch and then to my Mum's for the evening.

Q.   Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I really wish I had the time to do handmade cards as I think they look sooooo nice and can be really personal. I generally buy them with some kind of cute or quirky design - I'm sure you won't be surprised that the ones I've bought this year have bird silhouettes on them!!

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas film?
I do love a romantic, girly slice of Love Actually or The Holiday!

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Oooh that's hard! I do love mince pies, my boyfriend's Mum does homemade ones and gives us a batch every year, they're DELICIOUS! So delicious I had to express it in capital letters haha. I also love cranberry sauce with turkey. Drink wise, I'm loving the Starbucks Praline Mocha and I can't wait to have my first mulled wine of the winter!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this tag and please send me your link if you do this post!

Beauty Bird xx



  1. I actually only had a mince pie for the first time a few weeks ago! It was great so I can't wait to eat loads this Christmas x

  2. Another Starbucks drink to add to my list!! Xxx

    1. It's so nice! I had a Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate the other day and it was gorgeous! xx

  3. Love it :) Thanks for doing the TAG :) I think I agree with pretty much all of it :) And don't worry, I have some posts coming up on makeup looks for xmas, including wearing a dark lip :)

    1. Brilliant look forward to those posts! Glad you liked the TAG :-) xx

  4. yay I was hoping a christmas tag would appear soon! :)
    Nicole xxx

  5. I've done this tag, I love Christmas make up too. xxx

  6. Really enjoyed this post Sasha - it's made me feel really festive! Great tag - I would love to join in on the festivities! xx

  7. Great answers, I did this tag a few days ago after seeing it on Life in a break downs blog, you can see my answers at if you like :)

  8. What a fun tag! Oh, I like "Love Actually" too. We also watch it every Christmas.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Going to have to watch that and The Holiday soon :-) xx


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