Thursday 26 July 2012

Beauty Bargain: Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

Before I bought this eyeliner I used Rimmel's Exaggerate Eyeliner, but I've always been intrigued by felt tip eyeliners so I decided to give this a try. Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner costs a mere £2.99 and for this what you see is what you get. The product is probably about as long as a pen and quite slim, with large felt tip end. 

For the price I'm surprised about how pigmented the colour is - it's very black! It's not at all grey. As you can see from the picture it's also very easy to achieve a thin line and build it up into a thicker line. 

I personally find this felt tip liner easier to apply than a normal brush type eyeliner; there's no excess to deal with and the tip is so precise that it's simple to achieve a straight line. I only wear black liquid eyeliner for nights out and a eyeliner flick is a must for me, I just love the look! In general I'm not the best at doing them - I take ages as I find it hard to get both eyes to match - but I think it's easier to create the flicks with this eyeliner. However this does lead me to the only negative of Collection 2000's offering - when doing flicks if you angle the pen so the tip is facing upwards for too long, the formula doesn't come out very well. Exactly like a pen! 

I haven't worn this for 24 hours but it lasts through a night out! Yet it's easy to remove with face wipes or makeup remover. 

I've had this for quite awhile, but as I don't use it daily I can't accurately judge how long it's lasted so far unfortunately.

The Verdict

For £2.99 I think Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner is a great budget eyeliner. I don't think it's the best eyeliner out there, but for me it does the job really well and I will definitely re-purchase. 

This eyeliner is also available in the colours blue, purple and teal. To view the range click here.

What's your favourite liquid eyeliner? Are you a fan of felt tip liners?

Beauty Bird xx


  1. This looks really good! I like thin eyeliners so I can build up to the right amount, at such a cheap price I'll have to give this one a try. xx

    1. Definitely worth a try for the price, hope you like it if you do try!x

  2. this looks nice, but maybelline's gel liner (comes in a tiny jar) is my absolute favourite - it doesn't even smudge the slightest bit after i showered with the eyeliner on!
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. I have Maybelline Gel Eyeliner too in brown, but I prefer black for night time. I sometimes I get a bit of transfer with it too, whereas the liquid liner doesn't budge and no constantly checking the mirror :-) x

  3. WOW - £2.99 i am stunned at the quality of this liner. Your swatch & photo of it applied looks so good. I am getting some of these for sure. I havent tried a felt tip liner yet. I am using Bourjois liquid liner & have a L'Oreal one too. Both are a bit meh. This is on my list for sure. Great post

    1. Thank you! I don't think it's the best ever but for the price I think it's great! x

  4. I generally tend to favour felt tip liners as I'm too clumsy to use the liquid liners with brush applicators! But I must admit, I do find the way they are a bit temperamental and don't work very well at certain angles a bit annoying. Really good to see how pigmented this one is though as they definitely do tend to come out more of a grey. I'm currently using a Max Factor one and have had this problem.
    Mel x

    1. Aw that's a shame with your Max Factor one, I tried this one first as if it turned out to be rubbish then at least I hadn't spent too much :-) x

  5. Hey, I have nominated you for this award

    Vicky xo

  6. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award lovely, have a look at my blog for all the info!

    Ali xx


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