Tuesday 26 June 2012

Barry M Chameleon Nail Varnishes

Ever since Barry M announced their new range of Chameleon nail varnishes, I knew I had to get my hands on them! The concept of this range is that you apply the varnish as normal, then when you apply top coat the colour will change in front of your very eyes. Ooooooooh. 

There are three colours in the range; I picked up Chameleon Pink and Chameleon Blue, but there is also Chameleon Lilac.

The stripe and writing on the lid indicates what colour the varnish will change to when you apply top coat. 

WARNING! My attempt at a bit of nail art to show you how these Chameleon varnishes work isn't particularly tidy!! (I've gone for a stripe across the tip of the nail.) But I hope it gives you a good indication of the colours.

Chameleon Pink

Chameleon Blue - complete with a chip on the thumb (I caught it on the tap while washing my face - boo!)

I love the metallic finish to the pink and the blue, I think they're gorgeous colours. As you can see from the pictures, the Chameleon Pink changes to a lovely deep yet vibrant purple. However, with Chameleon Blue, the chameleon colour that it changes to doesn't quite seem to match up with the colour on the lid. On the lid it looks like a plummy purple shade, but on my nails it looks more of a purpley brown. I still think it's nice, but the overall effect is that the varnish seems more muted and wintry- especially compared to the bright, summery pink/purple combo. 

The varnish itself dries really quickly. It's quite a thick formula though so you have to be a bit careful that you don't apply too much onto the nail; a little goes a long way. 

My Verdict
Overall I'm really glad I did pick these up. It's a fun nail varnish range that you can play around with time and time again and I'm looking forward to trying some different designs using my top coat. Or you can just go for one colour or the other- it's like having four nail colours for the price of two!

Barry M Chameleon nail varnishes are £3.99 each - click here to view the range on the Barry M website.

Have you tried any of the Chameleon range yet? What's your favourite?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. I've got the pink/purple one and I think I prefer it. Not too sure about the maroon colour with the blue! Cxx

    1. It's not my favourite I have to say, bit disappointed, but I think the colours will be good for autumn/winter x

    2. Very good point! A/W here we come!! xx

  2. I picked up the pink and the blue one and was actually disappointed with both. I think neither look nice before the colour changing and when you do designs on them they don't look classy and like a bit cheap. I was really disappointed. Saying that, I do like the purple colour of the pink after it has changed xx

    1. Aw that's a shame! I don't think it's easy to achieve perfect nail art with a top coat nail varnish compared to a nail pen, but it's fun to do. x

  3. Replies
    1. The pink one is lovely! It's my favourite of the two x

  4. I had the blue one but gave it to my sister because I wasn't that impressed with it. I do want to try the pink though, looks much nicer! x


    1. Yeah I prefer the pink. I've seen posts on the lilac, which looks really nice, but I didn't get this one as I've got quite a few lilac polishes x

  5. Are the Barry M polishes good? Dionne from beautystarts said they weren't ages ago so I haven't tried them! haha. You did a good job of your nail art! If you like it you might want to look up a blog called pshitt because her designs are amazing! :) Hannah xxx


    1. I've got quite a few Barry M nail varnishes and not really noticed anything bad about them. They usually need a couple of coats as the formula isn't particularly thick. Not really noticed that they chip any quicker than other high street brands. One of my favourite ever shades by them is Peach Melba - you should check it out! :-)
      I love nail art but don't think I'm particularly good at it - will check out pshitt, thanks!x


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