Monday 7 May 2012

Review: Model In A Bottle - Makeup Setting Spray

I first heard of Model in a Bottle when it was reviewed, among other beauty products, on a Daily Mail internet article. This makeup setting spray claims to keep your makeup looking fabulous all day long, with no need for touch ups.

As you can see I'm almost half way through the 60ml bottle, which is meant to contain more than 300 sprays. This one is the "normal skin" formula for normal/oily skin but it is also available in a "sensitive skin" formula for sensitive/dry skin.

I bought this as I was fed up of spending ages in the morning doing my makeup, particularly concealing any spots and blemishes, for it to have half disappeared by lunchtime. The product also states that it absorbs excess oil and doesn't clog pores, so I thought perfect!

As soon as I received Model in a Bottle I started using it on a daily basis and WOWEE was I impressed! I squirted a couple of sprays over my face at 8am before work and on returning home at 5pm my makeup looked exactly the same as it did nine hours earlier! Amazing!

However there is a big negative for me - it did clog my pores. After a couple of weeks of using this daily I began to breakout in spots really bad. I didn't link the two though at all. I continued to use the product and every night I was looking at my makeup free, spotty skin thinking, why aren't my spots going? When I went for my Dermalogica facial my therapist picked up on it immediately and asked me if I'd changed anything in my routine. Using Model in a Bottle was the only new product I'd been using on my face. 

Once at home I checked the ingredients in Model in a Bottle and compared it against a small list of cosmetic ingredients my therapist advised I avoid, ones that would aggravate my skin. One ingredient that is in Model in a Bottle and was on this list was SD Alcohol. I've looked up this ingredient online and it is a pure form of alcohol that is often used in products for oily skin, as it temporarily gets rid of oil. However with long term use the skin will begin to overproduce oil to make up for the oil that has been removed by the alcohol. Once I stopped using the spray it took a couple of weeks, but my spots did clear and my skin went back to normal.


It's an amazing product that really does work, but if you have acne or spot prone skin I would avoid using this on a regular basis. I now only use it if I am going on a night out, which might be a couple of times a month at the most. At the end of the night I can confirm my makeup looks as good as it did at the beginning of the night, I don't even really have to touch it up!

You can purchase Model in a Bottle from Victoria Loves Beauty.

Do you use makeup setting spray? What's your experience?

Beauty Bird xx 



  1. Sounds amazing but maybe best kept to special days and nights out!:) Want it though!

  2. I definitely agree with that! It might be ok to use more regularly if you're not spot prone, but it's still going to dry your skin out, which isn't too good. x

  3. have always wanted to try this but i'm not sure i fancy breaking out :) maybe i will purchase just for nights out like you said :D <3

    1. It's perfect for nights out! It might not break out everyone but if your skin is oily I'd be wary of using it regularly. Thanks for the comment! :-) x

  4. That was a really helpful review. I think I'm going to stick with my Urban Decay 'De-slick' for now because I don't want any new breakouts..


    1. Thank you! When it runs out I need to find one that is spot friendly that I can use more regularly!x


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