Thursday 12 April 2012

Birthday Haul :-D

Recently it was my 25th (eek!) birthday and I was really lucky to receive some lovely presents. When I put everything together I realised I had a quite a few beauty/bath/body/hair type presents, enough to do a haul post! I haven't blogged for awhile, so I'm quite excited to write this!

Quite a few of these items are from The Body Shop, which is really nice as I wouldn't normally buy items for myself from there.

I have tried the Raspberry Ripple shower gel before, it smells sweet and fruity, plus the name makes me think of ice cream (which ain't a bad thing!). It also lathers really well. The Dewberry shower gel I haven't tried, it has a much more subtle fragrance, which I can't really compare to anything, but for some reason it makes me think of my Gran!! Well, it does describe it on the bottle as a "nostalgic scent"!

I have also tried the coconut body scrub before and I am glad I have a pot of this, as it smells lovely. The consistency is also quite thick, which I prefer for exfoliating.

The brown heart shaped box is a Chocomania gift set, which is a new range from The Body Shop. The set includes a 50ml body butter, 50ml body scrub, 60ml shower cream and 10ml lip butter. The tin and the packaging of the products really give the impression that the products are luxurious and indulgent. If you're a chocoholic I think you'll love this, but I'm not sure if I am going to be able to get over the fact that the colour is brown! It's not your traditional colour for pampering is it!! I will try the set though and see how I get on.

Now I love a good lip balm and the one below is Born Lippy Lychee Shimmer Lip Balm, which I believe is another newbie. I much prefer this to the Born Lippy pots, which I find a bit sticky and messy. The lychee smell makes me think of sherbet! The balm is clear with a shimmer, I have used it a couple of times and it glides on your lips easily and is very moisturising. I like so far! I couldn't get a very good pic of the shimmer on my lips, so hopefully you can get an idea of it on my arm! On your lips it actually isn't OTT in terms of shimmer, so you don't risk looking like an eight year old fairy princess, but is enough so it gives a really pretty, glossy sheen.

I was soooo excited to get the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume from my boyfriend. My sister has the original, which is gorgeous. This smell is more "powdery" than the original but it does settle down once on. It's my new favourite and a perfect spring/summer scent!

Mucho excitemondo again when I opened these! Hellllooooooooo! I did have these on my wishlist but I was so surprised to receive them as they are quite expensive for someone to buy as a present. Now I think these both deserve a review of their own, so watch this space! I give you... Benefit They're Real mascara and Confessions of a Concealholic concealing and brightening kit.

I haven't experimented much with the concealing kit, but I can't wait to! It contains a That Gal brightening face primer, Erase Paste camouflage for eyes and face, Boi-ing concealer, Lemon Aid correcting eyelid primer and Eye Bright, er, eye brightener. The mascara I had out faster than you could blink, and after a few applications, I am a Benefit mascara convert! It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It definitely gives you a false lash effect. To really do it justice I will post a separate review soon.

Lastly are some really useful everyday essentials, that will save me opening my purse for awhile.

I haven't used any of these before. I have wanted to try the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat (to see if it lives up to its name and becomes my miracle for non-smudged and chipped nails) and Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot cream for awhile (my feet need prepping for flip flops!). If you are interested in a review once I've used these please let me know :-) 

So there's my birthday haul, hope you enjoyed reading! If you have used any of these products before, what do you think of them? What have you hauled recently?

Beauty Bird xx



  1. Happy Birthday and what a fab haul!! I have three of the Body Shop lip balms, love them! Also love Daisy by Marc Jacobs must give this new one a sniff!! I really want They're Real from Benefit, trying to justify the money:)

    1. Thank you so much :-) saw your great post about the Get Lippy balms and now I want to buy a couple of the other ones! I wasn't keen on buying the Benefit mascara for myself either, so I don't blame you for holding off. But I am so impressed with it so far, I'll let you know when I do a review on it!
      Thanks again for commenting!

  2. happy birthday, mine is in a week! Great haul, I love birthday shopping and gifts it makes getting older a tad bit better!

    1. Hi thanks for your comment :-) I definitely agree with you about the getting older bit! happy birthday to you too for next week!


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